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A Guide to Manchester’s Luxury Casinos and Venues

A Guide to Manchester’s Luxury Casinos and Venues

04 Sep 2021

Since the 19th century, casinos have entertained British players across the UK. However, after the Gambling Act, from 2005, the country became home to Vegas-like venues. Manchester has been consistently showing its vocation for luxury casinos ever since. Come with us and have a look at the most outstanding casinos in Cottonopolis.



Getting Around Manchester

Unlike other big cities, Manchester is perfect for pedestrian exploration. The city also offers an efficient public transport system. So, it’s easy for gamblers to shift between the many casinos available. Public transport is also cheaper, compared with cities like London.

Even when Mancunians don’t feel like going outside, there are superb online options like NetBet. The market for land-based casinos in the UK is a brimming one, worth about £14 billion last year. Understandably, Manchester is fighting for its share in this thriving market.

Casinos are also regulated here. The UK Gaming Commission ensures protection to both gamblers and venues. Check below the Top 3 luxury casinos you must visit while in Queen’s City.

Manchester235 Casino

This casino was built inside the former Great Northern Warehouse. It’s considered one of the best in the country. The whole venue spans over 60,000sq ft, and it’s part of an £80 million investment in the country by the owners

The venue comprises several floors, the Poker Lounge, two luxurious restaurants, and a fantastic cocktail bar. It’s a Vegas-like venue where gamblers can take their chances around the clock.

The celebrity chef James Martin awaits upstairs, offering seasonal cuisine.

One of the restaurant’s main attractions is the excellent seven-course meal. The luxurious dining experience comes along with a selection of wines personally chosen by the chef.

Genting Casino

Here’s another excellent option for your night out in Manchester’s city centre. The venue has all the classic games, such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. Solo players can take their chances on electronic versions of several games.

The venue operates seven days per week, with a sophisticated bar offering the best drinks until 5:30 am. There are also several options of restaurants and bars for quick snacks. Some dining options make it a popular destination for special date nights.

Grosvenor Casino Soames

This casino is part of a chain of 52 venues spread across the country. It’s located right in the city centre and offers all casino staples. Sports fans can follow the Sky Sports channel, which stays on all day long. Visitors can also enjoy a world-class restaurant with a varied range of dishes and wines.

Grosvenor is one of the most popular and world-renowned casinos in the world. It attracts visitors and guests from all over and should definitely be on your top list of casinos to visit when travelling.




Locals and tourists can’t complain about the lack of great options. The best venues have all the classic options. Additionally, they have top electronic games, fancy cocktail bars, and world-class restaurants. Because the city isn’t big, gamblers can easily hop between venues. Make your stay in the Queen’s City thrilling and memorable, with a fantastic night out.