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Checklist for Meeting an Escort for the First Time

Checklist for Meeting an Escort for the First Time

04 Jan 2021

Meeting an escort for the first time can cause anxiety, but the service can be thrilling, fun, and exciting when contracted from a reputable service provider. People seek Escorts for any number of reasons including:

  • Companionship to a bar or meal for the evening.
  • Give a girlfriend or wife experience.
  • Act as your partner when attending business dinners, parties or any celebrations
  • Your companion when you want to relax and unwind when on holiday
  • Someone to fulfill roleplay fantasies
  • Sexual partner to relieve some stress.

The most important part is getting a professional escort service provider, check their reputation, and how they conduct business. Are they registered and meet all legal requirements? How much do they charge for their services? Being your first time, you may want to be more careful not to deal with cheap and shady dealers who may not offer quality services. Its always advised to practise safe sex which protects both you and your escort. Condoms are easy to buy and slip right inside your wallet. You may also want to buy PrEP, which is essential when protecting yourself from HIV infections. 

What do You Want from the Escort?

First, figure out what kind of service you would want from the escort. Do you want a dinner date, a cruise, sex, or just a beautiful companion to show you around a new town? Make sure you communicate vividly to the service provider what you want, how the escort should look, the race, height, skin colour, dress code and body type. How long to do you need the services? When you express your desires, you are more likely to end up with an escort you will love to spend your time with. If you plan to take a trip abroad with the escort, make sure all the paperwork is ready before the trip.

How do You Present Yourself

Even if you are paying for the services, make the meeting comfortable, lively and fun. Because it’s your first meeting, choose a serene hotel where you can get to know each other, understand each other’s expectations then plan your time together. If sex wasn’t on the list, make sure to steer away from the topic unless you mutually consent. 

Make sure to shower, groom yourself and look attractive even if you are paying for the service. Also, treat the escort with respect, make time with you enjoyable and worthwhile. You are the one to break the ice, make her have fun and most importantly make sure she is well taken care of like feeding and taking her to places she is more comfortable spending time with you. How do you break the ice when you meet?

  • Get to know her name and introduce yourself.
  • Talk about who you are and encourage her to give more details about herself although she may be reluctant at first.
  •  Ask her what she likes such as places of interest, hotels, clubs
  • Buy her a gift. For instance, if you are going to be together for several days, buy her gifts, spend time knowing each other and have fun.

If the arrangement was to meet at your hotel or residence to spend several days together, surprise her by taking her out to dinner, or a party. The more you treat her well, the more she will be willing to please you and even spend more time with you.  

Practice Safe Sex

As much as you want to have fun don’t throw caution to the wind. Make sure to be in control of yourself, especially when it comes to sex. Remember that you have just met for the first time and don’t know your escort well. Even though service providers regularly screen their escorts for diseases such as HIV, and other STD’s remember to practice safe sex. Make sure you have enough condoms with you.

Consider Using Preps

As mentioned earlier, PrEP is an easy to take tablet which is used by HIV negative people to prevent an infection. Condoms are great but why not add that extra level of protection for peace of mind. You can buy PrEP online, which is great if you are not keen on buying this kind of treatment face to face and it can also be delivered fast. 

Whatever you want, be a gentleman and request for it at the right time. If you make your escort comfortable with you, they will love the experience and even behave like a girlfriend. The freer and relaxed you are together, the more fun your experience will be. She will be more willing to explore or be adventurous with you. Even if you are paying for the service, make the time memorable for both of you.