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How to take sex to a different level

How to take sex to a different level

26 May 2020

The best and healthiest romantic relationships are the ones in which both partners work as a team in order to constantly grow as well as to improve different aspects of the relationship and make the connection between them a lot stronger. No matter how great your intimate life is at the moment, you can always try out some new and exciting ways to have better and hotter sex with your partner. Here is how to actually take sex to a different level.

Choose to use sex toys

There is no doubt that manual as well as oral stimulation are absolutely excellent, but there is no harm in accepting some extra stimulation via powerful and amazing vibrations from a couple sex toy. Even if your partner knows exactly what buttons to push in order to make you feel great in bed, adding some adult toys into the mix will definitely make things a lot hotter than before. Furthermore, taking a trip to a sex shop together will definitely feel like a sexy and fun adventure. Don’t hesitate and choose to use some sex toys in order to take sex to a different level. On the other hand, you can also date some experienced sex workers from uEscort.

Masturbate more

Even if many people think that masturbation is only for single people, this is certainly not true. Masturbation is for couples as well. It can help them know their bodies a lot better and discover erogenous spots they didn’t know before. In plus, it will let you have some much-needed ‘’me time’’, as well as to actually stay in tune with your own body and desires. Make sure you are taking all the necessary time to honor your body through masturbation. If you want to try a unique experience, then you should look for London escorts who squirt.

Try all the sexual fantasies you have in mind

This is something that will certainly help you take sex to a whole new and exciting level. If you feel like your sex life has become quite boring, then it is time to put all your sexual fantasies into practice. You surely have something in mind that you haven’t tried so far, and without a hesitation you should go for it. Do you want to date London escorts who bareback? Well, if so then go for it, as long as this will fulfill you.

Switch up the routine

Long-term relationships are amazing, but the routine can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, what you need to do is add some spice to your intimate life. You should definitely switch up the routine, when it comes to sex. For example, have sex at different hours or in different places. Be as spontaneous as possible and you will see how much your sex life will improve. Have sex in the morning before you go to work, or choose to hire a room at the hotel for a hot and unique experience. By doing all these things, you and your partner will become closer, you will highly improve your self-esteem, you will feel loved and wanted, and you will also feel a lot more appreciated than ever.