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Hygiene Techniques That Destroy Your Health

Hygiene Techniques That Destroy Your Health

20 Jun 2018
Using a hand dryer is not as healthy as people think. The fact that we do not touch a hand dryer with our hands does not make it hygienic. It just gives us the illusion of cleanliness. In fact, electronic hand dryers are very unhygienic. They blow the bacteria and nastiness of peoples hands – including yours – and distribute them into the air, ending up on your clothes, body skin and even into your lungs. Paper towels are much more hygienic. They are also cheaper, more efficient and better for the environment as hand dryers use so much electricity.
Hygiene Techniques That Destroy Your HealthWorking our with make up on is a really bad habit for your health, though it might make you feel better about yourself and the process. Sometimes we can rush straight from the office to the gym and get lulled into thinking that the time taken removing make up is pointless, especially since we will be having a shower immediately after the work out in any case. Or in the case of a girl that chooses to escort Palma clients you might be squeezing a work out in between bookings with clients and think that you can save time by not taking your make up off. Especially as you probably hit the gym more than other people anyway. But, during any kind of work out, especially a vigorous one, our skin needs to breather and perspire in order both to cool us down and to clean itself. If you wear make up during an exercise session it will clog the pores. As a result you can become prone to skin problems. Take off your make up before a work out. End of story.
Using a food bag more than once is just stupid. A food bag used more than once is certain to have transfer of bacteria and other infectious goodies. Come on, we have all seen enough CSI shows to know that, surely? If you put raw meat in a bag – even if the meat was wrapped – the chances are very high that bacteria will spread to other things in the bag next time. Which is pecially bad in the case of fruit and vegetables. The solution is to use a disposable bag or a tote bag that you wash after each use.