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I went to the London elite only party: Behind closed doors everyone had sex

I went to the London elite only party: Behind closed doors everyone had sex

17 Apr 2020

If you have ever used CamSoda or Escorts Sites , it means that you love watching people having sex and that you imagine yourself doing it with them or at least being in the same place with them. Well, it’s possible. Sex parties are by no means a new concept, but this is something completely different. You can’t just show up at this party. You need to log in through a particular site, leave your photos, and write what you do. This is the best way for organizers to make sure everyone at the party is handsome and affluent.

Behind closed doors everyone had sex

If the orgy gods choose you, then you can buy tickets – 45 euros for girls and 180 euros for couples. A few days before the party, instructions for behavior came to me by email:

– Men must not approach women;

– Men must not enter entertaining rooms alone;

– Men have to wait for someone to call them;

– You must treat everyone with respect;

– “No” means “no”;

– No masks;

– No phone.

The doors open at 9 pm, and what waited for me over there, I could not be prepared enough. On the T-shaped couch, dozens of naked bodies kissed and squeezed. A blonde with huge breasts kisses a red-haired woman and the man behind her cums, at the same time squeezing boobs of another blonde, in rapture with another and so on. In a small room, enormous chaos arises from arms, legs, breasts. By no means did I manage to count how many people were on one pile. According to a free estimate, around 11.

I took off my clothes and stayed in my laundry, and a woman with long black hair and perfectly shaped eyebrows approached me and said: “I like your laundry.” Her partner approached me, too, and confirmed the same. In conclusion, I guess that’s how it works. One compliment to breake the ice. I thought that this is not much different from the bar approach, but I soon realized that I was wrong.

My friend Nicole and I, with a couple we met, soon hear music from the main room with a couch where they enjoy group sex. It’s like an animal scene. That is a place where, if you enter, it means you agree to make love with everyone. No one is forced into anything, but the primary impression is that there are so many people having sex in one place, everyone with everyone, but no eye contact anywhere. One man makes love to a woman, near the couple next to them who also enjoys sex, and one of the two extends a hand and touches the genitals of a neighbor’s partner without a single glance. When one couple leaves, the other replaces them. It’s just weird that someone doesn’t bump into someone’s foot, or the heads of two people collide while snooping on the same penis.