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Planning Your Escort Agency Website

Planning Your Escort Agency Website

30 Jul 2018
Once you have done your top level analysis of your market – prices, competitors, the type of girls in the market – you need to analyse the web traffic. The idea is to analyse the web market so that you can build your web site and build a search engine optimisation strategy that will get you to the top of the search engine rankings. The best tools for that are free and easily available – very sportingly – from Google. The best tools are Google trends and the Google keyword planner. Just search for them. You use the keyword planner to identify the most popular keywords (search terms that people put into the search bar on Google, Bing, Yahoo, whatever). Put in a list of the words or phrases that people might use to look for escorts in your chosen location.

Planning Your Escort Agency WebsiteThen use Google Trends to show you the relative search volumes over time. Now you know what words to emphasise in your website and SEO and what your seasonal business trends are likely to be if you are successful in ranking your site. Let us say that you are looking at Geneva and the keyword planner shows that four search terms are far and way more popular than any others.  Geneva escorts come up clearly as the four main terms. Google trends will then show you the relative volumes of each terms compared to the others on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. You now know exactly what your clients will be looking for. And that means that you can write the web site to maximise your appeal to the search engine spiders that find web sites and rank them against each other.
Now you can write the content of your site. There are some basic elements to your site if it is going to be treated as professional. You need a home page, a gallery, a recruitment page, with a contact form, a booking page with a contact form, an About Us page, and a Terms Of Business page. Look at your competitors for ideas of design and content. Or better still look at escort agencies in different locations. Do not copy or plagiarise them as the search engines will spot it and penalise you. Possibly permanently. Just use them for inspiration so that you can brief your web design company.