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Top 4 Countries with Cheap Prostitutes

Top 4 Countries with Cheap Prostitutes

15 Mar 2023

Some people associate a successful holiday with visiting museums, relaxing on the beach or partying in a club. But many people think of it in a different way, travelling to meet the local girls and boys. Such leisure activities have become the mainstay of a new tourist destination, which focuses on entertainment with prostitutes and immersion in the sex industry, and many professional agencies have added sex tours to their unofficial price lists. And while every country in the world has its own prostitutes, even those where prostitution is illegal, there are five resorts that have made the intimate profession one of the local attractions.

Top four countries with prostitutes

For most holidaymakers, a holiday is an opportunity to immerse themselves in new experiences and try things they are ashamed to even ask about at home. For the chance of meeting acquaintances abroad is minimal, but the opportunities for a good night out are maximised. For instance, if the main purpose of your holiday is to get acquainted with prostitutes, our experts advise you to visit the following countries:

  1.  Argentina is a budget-friendly option with a wide range of possibilities. The prices of Argentine escort services are quite democratic by European standards; even the VIP category is affordable for every foreign tourist. Moreover, low prices have nothing to do with the quality of sexual services as the easily available Argentine women are professional, attractive and compliant. And to make dating as safe as possible, there are options for online dating – there is more than one portal with advertisements of escort services for each city, and the situation is similar in most other cities.
  •  Mexico – Latin passions boil here. The advantage of Mexican holidays is the absolute legality of local sex industry, so every tourist can rent a prostitute or visit brothels without the risk of being reported to the police. Apart from official establishments and independent prostitutes, Mexico also has a lot of sex dating websites. The popular resort of Queretaro, for instance, has an extensive Pander – escorts Queretaro, which also offers access to hookers in other cities.
  • Jamaica is the cradle of exotic sex. The tourist industry is well-developed here, and commercial sex is considered an integral part of it, so a holidaymaker of any preference will find an entertainment to his liking. Local escorts meet guys at the boardwalk, or you can pick up women for companionship in any of the entertainment districts or tourist centres. Even at hotel receptions they will gladly tell you where to meet available girls and offer you phone numbers of two or three proven prostitutes. Due to the low cost of living in Jamaica, prices for sex services are affordable even for low-income tourists.
  • Italy is a country of temperamental prostitutes. Italian prostitutes cannot be called cheap and easily available, but they certainly belong to the hottest and hottest representatives of the erotic segment. Mad temper of Italian women allows to realize with their help secret erotic fantasies and to try that about what before it was shameful to think. Besides many local prostitutes with pleasure will brighten up a tourist’s holiday not only in bed, but out of it – with girls it is possible to have a rest at a party, visit restaurant or take a walk along quiet Italian streets. The possibility of a long escort can be discussed in advance with the call girl you like, but the cost of this service will be impressive.