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What to Say to a Webcam Model During Your Private Show

What to Say to a Webcam Model During Your Private Show

12 Nov 2020

As a new customer, your first show can be a bit awkward and scary, not only for you but for your webcam performer as well. Here’s a guide on what to say to your webcam model for your first private show. 

It’s okay to be nervous 

What to Say to a Webcam Model During Your Private Show

The odds of finding your ideal lady, whether Latina, Asian, White, or Ebony, is pretty good over webcam, and sooner than later, you will find something that strikes your eyes; it could be a laugh, striking eyes, or drop-dead gorgeous looks. Whatever it is, there will be a show, and for most customers, their first private show. Remember it’s okay to be nervous the first time, and a good cam girl will make you feel yourself by asking you questions and getting you to ease up and share your fantasize with her. 

Say hello and talk about yourself 

Sometimes, we’re so excited to talk to someone new, we dive right into asking them questions and forget about ourselves. Most camgirls at sites like prefer dealing with customers who are relaxed and friendly and most importantly – themselves. You don’t have to put on a show, so it’s okay to just say hi and share a little bit about yourself with the cam girl. This helps her to get to know you better which is as important. 

Compliment her 

Women love compliments and your camgirl will like them too. It’s a fantastic way to break the ice and will make your performer feel appreciated that you’ve taken the time out to notice her quirks. Make sure you anonse the compliments in a genuine manner. 

Be engaging 

Even though it’s a good thing to introduce yourself, take time out to ask your camgirl about her and be sure to listen. Asking the right questions can help you and your model get comfortable with each other and learn a lot; this in turn can help you enjoy your private show even more. Ask her questions about her background, hobbies, any fun stories she would like to share, what makes her unique, what’s her favourite location, and more. Try to refrain from asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ type questions and weird and inappropriate questions. Starting a conversation gets both sides relaxed and eager for more; this is ogloszenia by most webcam sites. 

Establish turn-ons and turn-offs 

When you have your private show with a camgirl, you can demand certain actions or talks for her to do about particular things. This is the best time to establish your turn-ons and turn-offs. Failing to do this may lead to either her or you not enjoying the experience to the fullest which can lead to a bad time. Maybe you’re into toys and she is too, establishing this will help you and her both enjoy the show and ensure that you have a great time. 


Relax and have fun! Don’t forget you started a private show because you wanted to enjoy some one-on-one and get all your fantasies fulfilled by this camgirl. She will be very eager to help you ease into whatever kind of conversation and fetishes you want and will be friendly and chatty. Always be yourself and gentlemanly when speaking to a cam girl. The nicer and friendlier you are, and the better you tip and say hi and goodbye, chances are that she will remember you the next time you log in online. If you aren’t the talking type, you can always make some small talk to ask her about what she likes, she may be a better talker than you, and you may be a better listener. The main aim here is to get both sides to be comfortable and at ease.